Saturday, 31 December 2011

Happy New Year everyone. Hope to see you in Paris soon.

For my last post of 2011, and with the year almost ended, there is just time to wish everyone on behalf of the team here a very happy New Year.

The last offer for the year ......

Hotel Deals Paris

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Saturday, 24 December 2011

Happy Christmas to all Paris visitors, present and future

As Christmas Day is just upon us, it is time now to wish everyone a happy and joyous Christmas in the company of family and loved ones with special thoughts for those visiting Paris at present.  Here is our festive offer for Christmas ......
Hotels near the Louvre Paris

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Monday, 19 December 2011

Paris city centre hotels offers for the New Year

It's a busy week for everyone, and so it's just a brief mention for now of new promotions for discount Paris hotels which some may get the chance to benefit from in the New Year. For this post, the feature promotion is for Paris city centre hotels -

Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Christmas in Paris - hotel offers for the festive season

With the build up to the Christmas period, many people will be too busy to find time for a break away from the long list of things-to-do in preparation for the seasonal holidays. Despite that, there will still be quite a few who will wish to get some quick time away - a sort of restorative interlude - before the Christmas properly begins. With those in mind, and with cost saving always an important consideration, we have some new picks from our selection of Paris hotels deals for visitors who may plan to come for a short stay.

If you do, you should find it nice to experience a little of the Christmas atmosphere here in Paris as Christmas approaches. As preparations begin towards the big day, you will see the appearance of fetching shop window displays, the twinkle of Christmas street lights and the families and couples traveling in little groups to enjoy the ice skating in one of the popular ice skating rinks that pop up at this time of year.

A must, I think, is a visit to a Paris Christmas market. Christmas markets in France are always associated with the major event in Strasbourg. But Paris also has some wonderful Christmas markets, and my family and I never miss to get to a least two of them coming close to Christmas. Full of charm and colour, Christmas trinkets and decorations abound, as does a wide variety of specialist food products that are distinctly seasonal fare. The atmosphere is always somehow cosy an appealing, even if there is a distinct chill in the air. That chill is easily sorted by a delightful vin chaud - or mulled wine. In fact, one of the nicest thing about these markets is the beautiful, enticing aroma of mulled wine that wafts through the bracing winter air. It is incredibly tempting, and I never resist.

Yet, and it's something we can't forget, this time is really special for children. Even if the French were slow at first to accept the magic that Disney made with their fabulous theme park, the argument is over now. Without a doubt, Disneyland Resort Paris has brought something unique here, and with each passing year its admirers grow, as people - even conservative Parisians - have learned to appreciate just what a special place has been created here. Naturally, for the kids there was never any argument. They just loved it from the very beginning.

Mickey, Minnie, Donald with their friends at Christmas in the wonderful  Disneyland Resort Paris.
And that then is another good reason to come to Paris at Christmas time - a visit for the family to Disneyland Paris. It's a unique experience and made even more special by all the joy and fun of Christmas. Here is the current promotion ........

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Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Before the madness .........

Next month is going to be busy  -  as December always is.  There is no escaping the demands and pressure of the festive season, and if there is, please tell me how.  But just before we get into the thick of it, we can all take a little breather just as November ends and before December kick-starts the annual Christmas madness.  But I hasten to add, it's a madness I wholeheartedly embrace, simply because it's my favourite time of the year.

But as I said, this period is a bit of a pleasant and sedate pause.  Time to take a break, draw air, rest and commence a gradual warm-up for the more demanding few weeks that will soon be upon us.  Naturally, what comes to mind are the last minute hotel breaks in Paris that may be the perfect counterpoise for the harried individuals who feel that now is the right time to dump the stress and hang loose.

So go for it.  Try this particular promotion for a great value break  - 

Luxury Paris Hotels special offers

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Saturday, 26 November 2011

M&S comes back to Paris

I think there is reason to celebrate - in fact, two good reasons to celebrate. First, we have posted the latest money saving discounts for hotels near the Champs Elysees - as always, bringing you the best offers available for Paris visitors. And second, the great news that after a 10 year absence Marks and Spencers has come back to Paris ...... to be exact, to the Champs Elysees.

To the dismay of many Parisian faithful, a decade ago M&S had made a swift departure from the city in an effort to cut losses in its wider European operations. But that rupture was healed on Thursday with the opening of its spanking new store on France's most famous street, and with the news that even more, bigger stores are on the way following a comprehensive market rethink on its continental sales strategy.

Prices will be about 10 percent dearer at the new Paris store, but who cares if those devotees amongst us can get easier access to our favorite British goods. Like many, I can hardly wait until the bigger, better stocked stores open.

With that positive thought, I'll leave with this great special for cheaper Paris hotels -

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Monday, 14 November 2011

The macabre attraction of Pere Lachaise Cemetery

I've just returned from visiting the Pere Lachaise Cemetery with a friend who has come to visit for a few days. As a tourist destination, I suppose it is a bit macabre to visit a city cemetery, but this particular cemetery is famous for the venerable individuals who have found their lasting resting place here.

To name a few .... Edit Piaf, Chopin, Gertrude Stein, Moliere, Bizet and Isadora Duncan. Two of the most notable names whose graves are most often visited are those of the American rock singer Jim Morrison and that of the great wit and literary genius Oscar Wilde. The fame and notoriety they had in life seems to have persisted in death if the endless stream of visitors to their burial sites is anything to go by.

If you are planning to join the thousands that visit, you could consider basing yourself in the nearby Montmarte area, famed for the Sacre Coeur, its atmospheric warren of streets and its resident artists. Our promotion for Montmarte hotels Paris offers is just the ticket if you want to take advantage of some good rates for accommodation in this popular part of the city.

We also have a special promotion at present for cheap hotels at Orly airport. You can see these at the following link -

Friday, 4 November 2011

New Disneyland hotels Paris offers, and other November deals

To get November off to a good start, we have some good promotions for luxury hotels in Paris offering some keen inducements for those of you visiting during the off-season period.  What's more, we have an excellent special at present for hotels close to Disneyland Resort Paris.  Check out the following ...........  

As more promotions become available, you can see them here or check our website for the full list of present deals and offers.

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Monday, 31 October 2011

Spielberg’s The Adventures of Tintin: The Secret of the Unicorn comes to Paris screens

Two months before it is seen in US cinemas, Steven Spielberg’s “The Adventures of Tintin: The Secret of the Unicorn” will open in France to huge anticipation from the thousands of devoted French fans of the famous cartoon character. The publicity for the event is so enormous that Speilberg himself was in Paris last week at the Gare du Nord to wave off a specially customised Tintin train travelling to Brussels.

Tintin is a boy reporter who journeys with his friends throughout the world in an unending series of adventures. The character was created in 1929 by the Belgian artist Herge.Over 300 million copies of the famous comic books have been sold, and the intense interest in everything Tintin is testament to the enduring cross-generation popularity of the stories.

This is Hollywood's first stab at the Tintin tale, and we must all wait to see how well Speilberg and Co. have succeeded. For those in the US and UK who have never heard before of the intrepid Belgian wonder-boy, then expect to get a bit more acquainted with him as well as characters such as Captain Haddock and Omar Ben Salaad.

If you come to Paris in the coming weeks, expect to see Tintin looking out at you from innumerable cinema billboards. And mindful of that, if you are visiting, here is an update promotion for hotels near the Champs Elysees ..........

Champs Elysees Hotels offers and deals

Watch out for more superb deals in November.

Tuesday, 25 October 2011

The Louvre Museum Paris - new offers

Just a quick mention here for the new promotions for our select hotels near The Louvre, one of Paris's most visited tourist attractions, and one that holds some of the world's greatest art treasures. 

Unfortunately, despite its fascinating exhibits, it is sometimes so packed it is almost a relief for many to just get out from the crowded atmosphere and into the fresh air, especially on blistering hot summer days.  Solution?  Pick another day that's cooler and less crowded  -  perhaps off season, perhaps now.  Because really, it is just too good to miss  -  even with minor discomfort being part of the experience.

With that in mind, do consider also some available new discounts for luxury Paris hotels, as featured below .....

Back with even more offers soon.

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Thursday, 20 October 2011

President Nicolas Sarkozy delights in a new baby, and maybe a new image

Nicolas Sarkozy is the first French president to have the distinction of having a baby as holder of the office and today has spoke of the "profound happiness" both he nad his wife Carla feel at the birth of their new baby girl.  Very few details have been given in relation to the birth as the French president endeavoured to maintain a cloak of privacy from the attention of the prying media.

The British Prime Minister David Cameron has related the good wishes of both himself and his wife Samantha to the happy couple saying that they were thrilled to hear the news.  

Some of President Sarkozy's close political associates are hoping that the new arrival and the image of the president as an active parent may help soften his image in the eyes of the public. However, if previous experience is anything to go by, it is hardly likely that we are going to witness any sudden dramatic change in the French leader's often off-putting persona.

From that good news to even more good news. Once again I have more updates for bargain breaks for budget hotels in Paris.  Our current special is for weekend breaks -

Who knows, if you find yourself in Paris during the event you may even be lucky enough to be invited to the christening.  But probably not.

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Saturday, 8 October 2011

Paris in October - latest deals for visitors

If you are in Paris at the moment or are planning to come sometime this month of October, you will notice the difference in the atmosphere from the hectic Summer months.  Essentially, it's quieter.  Less tourists, and so less crowds at the city's principal tourists hot spots.  That in turn means, of course, less queues and a lot less time waiting around. 

If you are descending on the shops with the purpose of slashing out in all directions with a purse-full of major credit cards, you will be delighted to hear that you will have more of the place to yourself because the crowds in the shopping districts have at this stage also shrunk noticeably.

Some people may moan a little that Paris in October is a little wetter and cooler. And so it is  .... and so what.  It is still great, and as a personal choice, I prefer it like this when the air is sharper and fresher, and that stifling, oppressive heat of Summer has disappeared and being replaced with an atmosphere that many find more bearable.  

Anyway, on to the business end of things, and that means the very latest discounts for Paris hotels.

Here are some of the promotions now available -  

Luxury Paris hotels offers

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Friday, 30 September 2011

End of September Paris hotel discounts

Good news and price cuts are always welcome. That being the case, here are some end of September discounts for anyone intending to travel soon to Paris. 

Also, do remember to take a careful look through the other pages on our website as each page features a host of different offers from a wide selection of hotels, all live and current.

Saturday, 24 September 2011

Fabulous Paris weekend breaks

They say crowds are exhilarating. Certainly, if you don't find enough to excite you from the wonderful tapestry of Paris, then the throngs that crowd the various tourist attractions or the streets surrounding famous shopping stores like Lafayette may do it for you.

Some may complain that it is so busy: others will delight that it is so lively. Regardless of your take, I am always impressed by the great mass of human energy that you see in cities like Paris.

As a challenge, why not become part of that energy - even for a little while -- with one of our fabulous weekend breaks. Who needs spa breaks, activity stays and other bland rejuvenation courses when you can renergize and put zip back in your step by joining the thousands of visitors and Parisians who know that there is something good going on here? And what that is, you will undoubtedly find out for yourselves.

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Monday, 19 September 2011

Latest Paris hotel offers and deals

Just a quick update on more promotions and discounts for Paris hotels. There are some great rates and reductions now available for Paris hotel deals  -  discounts provided by the hotels direct to us here at Paris Best Hotels so that you can enjoy some real savings during your stay in the French capital.

I hope you will find something among these and our many offers for your visit.

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Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Paris hotel discounts for September

Hotels in Paris can be busy in September, but that doesn't mean that you still can't avail of some great offers for cheap Paris hotels that will save you money and at the same time add to your spending allowance.

We specialise in promotions and discounts at Paris Best Hotels and continuously update our website with the very latest specials and price reductions available.

So if you are coming this month, or indeed anytime later in the year, here are some super Paris hotel bargains that may appeal to you - 

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Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Saving money during your visit - and some Paris hotel discounts

Paris is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world, but it can be costly and leave a severe dent in your holiday funds if you are not mindful of your spending. One of the biggest outlays is, of course, dining out.  Something which is unavoidable if you are spending your day in the city and trying like all visitors to see as much as you can of the beautiful French capital. But you can save some money, especially if you avoid eating out in expensive areas where there is almost a tourist tariff on every morsel you put in your mouth.

Instead, you can find good, authentic French restaurants where excellent dishes can be had at a reasonable price. You will also save on the cheaper fixed-price menus that offer good fare without perhaps the extensive choice of 'a la carte'.

Mueseums, galleries, tourist venues, bus and river tours, and transport can all rack up the cost during your stay. But there are specials and economical options, and you should be on the look out for these and the best balance you can get between enjoyment and cost.

Hotels again can be another bogey. If possible, don't go too downmarket for the lowest budget hotel you can find - you will certainly end up with a budget experience. Also try and get an hotel relatively close to where the focus of your vacation will be. If it is Paris city centre, then don't book an hotel in the far reaches of the suburbs. You will end up paying for the decision in extra travel costs and travel time. But if your focus is Disneyand Resort, then staying there in any of the hotels near Disneyland Paris or in Val d'Europe is fine. In fact, it is ideal.

So still on the theme of saving money, here are the latest updates for hotel promotions in Paris.  Hopefully, this may save you even a little during your stay.

Thursday, 25 August 2011

Discover your own Paris - with some Paris hotel deals

Our new Paris Blog starts with the intention to bring the visitor to Paris some helpful information and advice when staying in the French capital. There is so much to see in Paris - so much to marvel at, it can be hard for the visitor to know where to begin. Suffice to say, enjoying your day - in your own way, at your own pace - is best, rather than scurrying around trying to keep up to speed with the dictates of some guide which says - 'you must see this: you must see that.' Simply be aware of what there is to see, take notice of some good advice, and then do your own thing at your leisure.  That way, you will have much less stress, and your Paris experience will be all the more memorable, and unique to you.

Our speciality here at Paris Best Hotels is to feature discounts and offers for select hotels in Paris as they become available. It is a practical and popular feature as it gives visitors options in terms of savings or extra bonuses in relation to their hotel stay. Naturally, if you can get something extra or save some money with a hotel reservation, then why not? I plan to post regular updates that highlight the latest Paris hotel deals. If they fit in with your plans, then great.

I will just finish this opening post by referring to the wide variety of hotel choice that is available in Paris. I could talk about hotel ratings from 5 star to 1 star, and all of that. However, I think it says it all if I say that there are some very good hotels in Paris, and then there are many not so good ones. The good ones will impress - the poor ones may depress. You need to be discerning, and so avoid spending a week of your holidays in some God forsaken hovel that poses as an excuse for an hotel.

Our criteria is to feature only hotels of proven quality, and that is the best assurance we can give to anyone visiting here. Good standards, good facilities and some exceptional offers that come to us direct from the hotels.

So until the next post and some more new deals, I will leave it at that for now.

Wow. It's good to make a start.

A Bientot.

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Monday, 16 May 2011