Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Happy New Year to Everybody~ plus Paris City Centre Offers

Best wishes for the festive season, and a Happy New Year to everyone.  Let's hope for a great year in 2014.  

Naturally, It's a busy week for all of us, and so time for just a short mention for new promotions for Paris city centre hotels.  Check it out at the following link: New Offers

Saturday, 30 November 2013

Christmas in Wonderful Paris ~ Hotels Offers

Is it any surprise that Paris is a top choice for travellers seeking a special getaway at Christmas. It is after all the City of Lights .... and romance. Never more so than at Christmas time when the beautiful street lighting lends a magical air to the whole yuletide feel of the French capital.

Most people have already made their plans for a Christmas break, and quite a few will want to experience the festive season in one of Europe's most popular city destinations. That and the wonderful Christmas markets make it a unique time of the year.

As a little temptation, take a look at the most recent cheap Paris hotels offers now on promotion. 

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Monday, 28 October 2013

Getting Around Paris ~ plus Latest Hotel Deals

The easy and simple way around Paris is to walk. Not only will you get some good exercise, but you will be able to take in all the senses and sounds of the city as you move between the various tourist attractions.

Naturally, if you need to go some distance, you're tired or the weather is bad, you can take the Metro. This will take you close to where you need to go with minimum hassle and speed. It goes without saying that you will miss out on the atmosphere that comes with a stroll through Paris streets, and the congested stations, long corridors and the many stairs can be trying. Still it is hard to beat for sheer convenience.

Do remember if using the Metro that you may encounter the unpleasant side of public behaviour. You may see somethings you would rather not, and you will need to be extra vigilant of your personal security. Pickpockets working in gangs are a constant scourge and work with such impunity that at this stage they should be accorded some form of official recognition in the form of franchise or licencing.

Take special care of your wallet, handbag and mobile phone. These predators are waiting for a tiny chink of opportunity and they will have your property off you in a flash. Aside from all that, you'll be fine.

And one other bit of common sense advice ..... Do check for any savings you can find before you travel and before you book. Accommodation will be the biggest expense, so I recommend you check out our Paris hotel deals which will bring you to a wide choice of discounted hotels within the city. That way, the enjoyment of your trip has already started before you have even left home.

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Sunday, 29 September 2013

The Hotel New York in Disneyland Paris Resort

Disney's Hotel New York at Disneyland Paris  ... a nicely
crafted introduction and pleasant taste of the Big Apple.

I try always to be the advocate for good hotels, and it's an easy task when you can recommend with confidence a genuine, quality hotel. This will be of special interest to anyone planning a visit to Disneyland Resort Paris where one of the standout hotels on-site is Disney's Hotel New York.

This is a chance to savour a bite of the Big Apple with a striking skyscraper style facade giving a very obvious hint of what you can expect when you go through the doors of this deluxe hotel.

As far as Paris hotels go, this is certainly a unique offering with its New York big city atmosphere and themed facilities providing a flavour of the lifestyle of one of the world's most famous cities. Grab the opportunity while you also grab a snack or a drink in the Manhattan Restaurant, the Parkside Diner or the New York City Bar. If you are really privileged, you may even find your way into the exclusive Empire State Club.

We always feature great rates for Disneyland Paris hotels, and you can check our current discounts for the Hotel New York direct from our website. The Hotel New York is right beside Disney Village and only minutes away from The Parks. As far as convenience goes, it is perfect. It is also one of the hotel venues for kids to meet the Disney characters .... and that is attraction enough in its own right.

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Saturday, 31 August 2013

Dicounts for Orly Airport Hotels

Paris returns to normal after the end of the annual  vacances, and the airports will have been busy with all the returning holidaymakers flying in to resume their particular place in this great city's life.  For visitors heading here for a break, here is an attractive discount on  rates for one of the major entry hubs to the French capital  -  a special offer for Orly Airport Hotels.  More promotions and savings next month that will be worth checking back for and worth remembering.

Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Paris Opera Hotels - Latest Offers

A walk through the Opera district gives visitors the chance to admire the vision of Baron Haussmann and the grandeur of his designs. That is not overlooking the natural attractions of the wonderful shops and department stores where you can get the chance to browse interminably and stock up on the latest desirable fashions.

To help you with the process, think of choosing the convenience of a Paris city centre hotel which will afford you the easiest option for getting around the city with the least problems.  Add to that advice our current promotion for hotels in the Opera area  - 

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Sunday, 30 June 2013

Disneyland Paris Hotels - Offers and Discounts

The thrills never stop, and the kids never tire at Disneyland Resort in Paris.  Does this surprise anyone?  There is always so much happening, so much excitement that it is impossible to suppress the enthusiasm of children even if you wanted to try.  At Disney, the magic and the fun always stays the same, and the only question is as to when you and your family decide to come and share in it.

So whether you stay in the city in one of the many cheap Paris hotel that offers good family accommodation, or choose the convenience of an hotel close to the resort itself  it is still going to be a wonderful adventure to add to your book of enjoyable memories. If it is the latter choice, then this promotion for Disneyland Paris Hotels Special Offers may be something extra to add to your savings for the trip.

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Thursday, 30 May 2013

Latest Offers for Hotels Near the Champs Elysees

The wonderful Champs-Elysees is the most well-known thoroughfare in Paris, and most visitors at some time during their visit will get to enjoy a stroll on this famous street.  The district around the renowned avenue is also a favoured choice for an hotel stay given its many excellent hotels and the natural convenience it offers to explore the rest of the city.   

It is also our select promotion for this month from our choice of Paris hotel discount offers.

Champs Elysees Hotels deals

More discounts next post.

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Thursday, 25 April 2013

City Centre Hotels in Paris

A coffee and some break time in a Paris cafe is a delight and a gentle pleasure. Many of the owners try to keep the character of their establishment as authentic as possible, and the effort is paid back in terms of satisfied clients who appreciate the attention and the ambiance. Often you will find framed cartoons, sculptures and paintings adorning the dining room, and lifting your aesthetic senses in tandem with your appetite. If the menu is as varied as the display of artwork, then you are on a winner.

Expect to find many such pleasant cafes when you visit, at which time perhaps you may also be availing of our current selection of cheap hotels in Paris that are available during your planned stay. Among these can be found discounts for Paris City Centre Hotels which naturally provide the best convenience and ease of access to many of the major tourist sites.

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Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Eiffel Tower Dining ~ and New Paris Hotel Offers

Le Jules Verne is the famous restaurant way up on the Eiffel Tower where diners can enjoy sublime food in a truly unique setting. James Bond stopped off for a bite here in the movie 'A View to a Kill', so even without the amazing views it must have something going for it.

That may be something you would like to discover sometime in the company of someone special. I say special, because this is clearly a special place, offering exquisite French cuisine in a setting that is firmly embraced by the iron lattice work of the Eiffel Tower. With that in mind, you would not venture here for such a memorable event in just casual company.

Ideal then for people with something that closely connects them ..... family, lovers, dear friends. And all the time, they come in their thousands to visit Paris. You could be among them, enjoying one of the value offers for short weekend breaks in Paris Hotels. Once here you will have no problem finding the place. Just look out for that iconic structure that has come to symbolise this famous city, and let it be your beacon. Believe me, you can't miss it.

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Thursday, 28 February 2013

Finding Luxury in Paris ~ plus Some New Hotel Deals

When you are constantly on the move around the city, it can be a sheer delight as well as a welcome weight of your feet just to stop off for a short while in a pleasant Paris cafe. A terrace table is nice, even if it is a little dearer, as a relaxed vantage point to watch Parisians as they go about life in this delightful city. That is exactly where I find myself at the moment looking over our latest list of offers for Paris luxury hotels. It is quite enticing and a great option for a Paris stay. That said, my feeling is that whatever type of accommodation you choose, you can still surround yourself in the luxuriant style that you can find all around you here.

I say that because at the moment I honestly feel that I have found my own little place of luxury here in this ordinary cafe with the accompanying comforts of coffee, cake and my iPAD. Okay. I know that objectively, the adornments and luxuriant ambiance of a five star hotel lounge would make my current surroundings pale into insignificance. Yet still, I think it's all about how you feel yourself at a given moment. Let us consider that you could be ensconced in a luxuriant setting in the most opulent establishment and still feel very discomforted for a wide variety of reasons. In other words, what is without is not going to matter if what is within isn't at peace with itself. That's it exactly then. I am fully at peace, now and in this place, and that is a luxury I am not always going to find elsewhere and at other moments of the day.

What all that boils down to is my view that it doesn't matter if you come to Paris and don't get to stay in a luxury hotel. You will do fine without it. Great if you can, and no worries if you can't.

After that I might as well go the whole hog. Here is the other side of the ticket ... new promotions and discount deals for budget Paris hotels. Now you have either end of a rather colourful spectrum. Don't let it dazzle you.

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Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Valentine's Day in Paris ~ Plus more Hotel Discounts

Valentine's Day is nearly here and by now you will have the chocolates, card and flowers. It's always best not to forget about romance, especially when forgetting could get you into difficulties with a certain significant person in your life.

We have also got to recognise that there is a difference in attitudes between men and women as far as this 'romantic' day is concerned. If it slips your mind to buy something for a man, he really won't mind, and he will tell you that. The woman who has been forgotten and overlooked on the other hand may say she doesn't mind that you forgot to get her something, but honestly - don't believe a word.

Best be on the safe side. Make  a reminder, an audible alert - a loud one - on your iPhone, Blackberry, or whatever. That way, you will avoid trouble and go to the top of the class in the eyes of your beloved.

A quick dash from the concerns and pitfalls of Valentine's Day to our current promotion for cheap hotels in Paris and more savings from Paris Best Hotels.net .

Monday, 28 January 2013

Paris and Valentine's Day ~ with New Hotel Breaks

That time again .... well nearly. The yearly panic to buy chocs, cards, flowers and pretty gifts that will deeply impress your loved one that true love knows no price. That we leave to the manufacturers of the cards, chocolates, etc., who know everything about price. As for your partner, they really will not mind what you choose, as long as you don't commit the serious mistake of totally forgetting Valentine's Day.

That really should not be possible in this wonderful city of beauty and romance. Everything about Paris lends itself to love, and it is the ideal place for true Valentines. If you are here on Valentine's Day, you can make it even more special with a promotional break for Paris hotel deals. Now you would be really set up - a good hotel, a fine restaurant, and loving company. Intimate and ideal.

So, still stuck on the gift?  In the meantime, here is another gift neatly packaged as this post's feature offer ..........

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Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Paris January Sales - and Bargain Offers for Eiffel Tower Hotels

Shopping takes up a lot of some peoples lives. Many can spend hours upon hours window shopping, comparing prices, comparing styles, judging the quality and keenly keeping an eye out for bargains. The fact that one is in a strange city will in no way deter inveterate shoppers from this well-worn routine. Many arrange their travel with as much in mind, bringing with them near empty suitcases that will more than likely be packed to bulging on their return.

Do remember that the best price is not always the best deal. But discerning shoppers are already well aware of that. The have a good appreciation of value, and they also know what is within their price range.

At the moment the Paris sales are in full swing with prices slashed on everything. Don't worry if you miss out now. It's all happening again in July. For hopeless shopaholics there is plenty of time to prepare. 

This feature deal is a little reminder of bargain time in Paris  - 

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Saturday, 12 January 2013

Plan a Paris Visit in 2013 ~ and enjoy City Centre Hotel Offers

You were warned. All these New Year resolutions, and even at this stage so many of them in the bin. Yet on it goes. Year on year, the exact same resolutions are religiously adopted, for evermore no doubt, with the exact same inevitable failure. So what happened to yours? Ended with a thud, or did it just discreetly peter out?

Wait? Maybe you are one of the few who are still hanging in there in the hope and expectation that this will be the year you will succeed. If that is the case, then here is wishing you the best.

No need to gloat further. Whatever about previous opinions, it is always a good thing to strive for improvement. Good things are ahead, I'm sure, and certainly one good thing you may consider is a trip to visit the beautiful city of Paris in 2013.

What a great idea that would be. You probably do not need much encouragement, but here is a small enticement for cheap hotels in Paris.

City Centre Paris Hotels Deals

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