Thursday, 28 February 2013

Finding Luxury in Paris ~ plus Some New Hotel Deals

When you are constantly on the move around the city, it can be a sheer delight as well as a welcome weight of your feet just to stop off for a short while in a pleasant Paris cafe. A terrace table is nice, even if it is a little dearer, as a relaxed vantage point to watch Parisians as they go about life in this delightful city. That is exactly where I find myself at the moment looking over our latest list of offers for Paris luxury hotels. It is quite enticing and a great option for a Paris stay. That said, my feeling is that whatever type of accommodation you choose, you can still surround yourself in the luxuriant style that you can find all around you here.

I say that because at the moment I honestly feel that I have found my own little place of luxury here in this ordinary cafe with the accompanying comforts of coffee, cake and my iPAD. Okay. I know that objectively, the adornments and luxuriant ambiance of a five star hotel lounge would make my current surroundings pale into insignificance. Yet still, I think it's all about how you feel yourself at a given moment. Let us consider that you could be ensconced in a luxuriant setting in the most opulent establishment and still feel very discomforted for a wide variety of reasons. In other words, what is without is not going to matter if what is within isn't at peace with itself. That's it exactly then. I am fully at peace, now and in this place, and that is a luxury I am not always going to find elsewhere and at other moments of the day.

What all that boils down to is my view that it doesn't matter if you come to Paris and don't get to stay in a luxury hotel. You will do fine without it. Great if you can, and no worries if you can't.

After that I might as well go the whole hog. Here is the other side of the ticket ... new promotions and discount deals for budget Paris hotels. Now you have either end of a rather colourful spectrum. Don't let it dazzle you.

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Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Valentine's Day in Paris ~ Plus more Hotel Discounts

Valentine's Day is nearly here and by now you will have the chocolates, card and flowers. It's always best not to forget about romance, especially when forgetting could get you into difficulties with a certain significant person in your life.

We have also got to recognise that there is a difference in attitudes between men and women as far as this 'romantic' day is concerned. If it slips your mind to buy something for a man, he really won't mind, and he will tell you that. The woman who has been forgotten and overlooked on the other hand may say she doesn't mind that you forgot to get her something, but honestly - don't believe a word.

Best be on the safe side. Make  a reminder, an audible alert - a loud one - on your iPhone, Blackberry, or whatever. That way, you will avoid trouble and go to the top of the class in the eyes of your beloved.

A quick dash from the concerns and pitfalls of Valentine's Day to our current promotion for cheap hotels in Paris and more savings from Paris Best .