Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Paris and the end of the Winter sales

For canny shoppers there is still time to grab a bargain in the big stores before the end of the winter sales.

Just as we are about to put January aside, it's time to post my last featured offer for Paris hotels deals and promotions. It may be low season, but people still come to visit Paris all year round. Not in the same numbers as in the summer, of course, but people make a decision to come when the time and opportunity is available to them, and they don't seem to mind that the city is a little colder, a little quieter and lacks some of the lustre of the sunny months.

But that is not all bad. It's quieter .... so now it is far easier to visit many of the popular attractions like the Louvre and the Eiffel Tower without interminable lines and throngs of tourists. It may be colder, but you certainly won't have to be standing out in it for long when it comes to queuing. Now that is a distinct advantage, and something to be considered if you are hesitating or uncertainly toying with the thought of visiting at this time of year.

Also remember that Paris is the city of romance - in my book anyhow - and what better place to spend Valentine's Day other than in beautiful Paris where affectionate hearts seem to be at one with the soul of the city. Just watch young lovers - they are as much part of the city landscape as any monument, building or park. I think, if romance is in your mind, then you couldn't choose a better destination.

Oh, yes. Shops ... shops and sales. February brings the end of the winter sales. There is time to still get a bargain. Printemps, Galeries Lafayette and the other major stores all have big markdowns and you could find exactly what you are looking for at prices that reduce to genuine cost-cut deals. Keen shoppers can snipe a sizeable bag-full. I write with enthusiasm, but in truth I am dragged and coerced through so many stores during the sales by my wife's trance-like compulsion for shopping that I feel I'm being led around by halter and reins.

But don't let my dubious feelings on the matter detract from your potential enjoyment. Fun is where you find it. It's just that for me, at least, you can get too much of a good thing .... and I hasten to add that whatever good there is can be best appreciated by a serial mega-shopper like my wife, but not by me.

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Thursday, 26 January 2012

The Eiffel Tower - from Eyesore to Icon

Given the fame and popularity of the Eiffel Tower it is strange to think that so many people - among then famed writers and artists - were vehemently opposed to and campaigned strongly against its construction. It was only intended to be a temporary affair built in the late 1880's to commemorate the French Revolutions centenary. But a century on, the 984 foot tall 'temporary' structure still stands and is now France's most famous and recognisable icon.

So the eyesore that caused a public outcry once amongst conservative Parisians has now found total acceptance. It is visited by thousands every year and its emblematic shape has been depicted in every conceivable type of souvenir that can be found on sale. One wonders what the renowned French writer, Guy de Maupassant would make of it all. He was an ardent opponent of the tower, but reportedly ate in it's old restaurant daily. His reason ...... it was the only place in Paris where he could sit and relax, and not have to look at the tower.

Our aim here at Paris Best Hotels would be quite the opposite - to see you installed in one of the luxury Paris city centre hotels near the famous monument, and from where you could easily look out to admire the marvelous spectacle that is the Eiffel Tower. Preferably from your own hotel room. One thing is certain .... whenever you see the Eiffel Tower looming in the skyline, you will never be confused about what city you are in, no matter how bad a hangover you may have from the night before.

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Monday, 16 January 2012

Notre Dame Cathedral

Notre Dame Cathedral, a great icon of French gothic architecture.
I spoke to an American friend the other day who has been staying here in Paris since last May. She was quite ecstatic as she had just managed to pay her first proper visit to Notre Dame cathedral. She had tried twice before, but the long lines put her off on both earlier occasions. But this time of year the crowds are sparser and visiting the city's popular attractions is a much easier undertaking.

Notre Dame is one of the great architectural and religious icons of Paris. For anyone who manages to scale the daunting climb to the Chimera Gallery - all 255 steps - they are rewarded with the dramatic sense evoked by the belfry, the narrow passages, gothic carvings and slightly unnerving view of the gargoyles that provoke an uneasy feeling that Quasimodo may just appear from somewhere out of the shadows.

Judging from her excited descriptions of all she saw, I think my American friend would have made a poor Esmerelda. She would have been far too absorbed by the sights of Notre Dame to have paid a blind bit of notice to the carry-on of old humpy. And who could blame her? After quite a history of desecration, restoration, breaking down and building up, this renowned cathedral, beloved of the Parisians, has so may exquisite gems to enthrall the visitor.

I recommend that you view them all. Something best done based at close quarters in one of the many excellent Paris city centre hotels. Leading me in perfect manner to this post's feature offer ....

Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Cantana for President, and me for the Pub

This year may prove to be very interesting.  Eric Cantana it appears wants to stand for the presedential elections later this year.  He needs 500 signatures, and has written to mayors throughout France for support.  Cantana says his campaign is not really about being elected president.  His aim instead is to highlight the need for better social housing  -  this being an acknowledged problem here in France.

Some weighty matters to dwell on there, but with the chill of a January night approaching I think I will eschew any rumination on deep political issues and opt instead for the warmth of a good Parisian cafe and the cheery pleasure of a delightful drink.   Best of luck to Cantana, and all that, but that is how it is at this present moment.  Social conscience must get a cold shoulder when all I need now is to get warm.

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