Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Saving money during your visit - and some Paris hotel discounts

Paris is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world, but it can be costly and leave a severe dent in your holiday funds if you are not mindful of your spending. One of the biggest outlays is, of course, dining out.  Something which is unavoidable if you are spending your day in the city and trying like all visitors to see as much as you can of the beautiful French capital. But you can save some money, especially if you avoid eating out in expensive areas where there is almost a tourist tariff on every morsel you put in your mouth.

Instead, you can find good, authentic French restaurants where excellent dishes can be had at a reasonable price. You will also save on the cheaper fixed-price menus that offer good fare without perhaps the extensive choice of 'a la carte'.

Mueseums, galleries, tourist venues, bus and river tours, and transport can all rack up the cost during your stay. But there are specials and economical options, and you should be on the look out for these and the best balance you can get between enjoyment and cost.

Hotels again can be another bogey. If possible, don't go too downmarket for the lowest budget hotel you can find - you will certainly end up with a budget experience. Also try and get an hotel relatively close to where the focus of your vacation will be. If it is Paris city centre, then don't book an hotel in the far reaches of the suburbs. You will end up paying for the decision in extra travel costs and travel time. But if your focus is Disneyand Resort, then staying there in any of the hotels near Disneyland Paris or in Val d'Europe is fine. In fact, it is ideal.

So still on the theme of saving money, here are the latest updates for hotel promotions in Paris.  Hopefully, this may save you even a little during your stay.

Thursday, 25 August 2011

Discover your own Paris - with some Paris hotel deals

Our new Paris Blog starts with the intention to bring the visitor to Paris some helpful information and advice when staying in the French capital. There is so much to see in Paris - so much to marvel at, it can be hard for the visitor to know where to begin. Suffice to say, enjoying your day - in your own way, at your own pace - is best, rather than scurrying around trying to keep up to speed with the dictates of some guide which says - 'you must see this: you must see that.' Simply be aware of what there is to see, take notice of some good advice, and then do your own thing at your leisure.  That way, you will have much less stress, and your Paris experience will be all the more memorable, and unique to you.

Our speciality here at Paris Best Hotels is to feature discounts and offers for select hotels in Paris as they become available. It is a practical and popular feature as it gives visitors options in terms of savings or extra bonuses in relation to their hotel stay. Naturally, if you can get something extra or save some money with a hotel reservation, then why not? I plan to post regular updates that highlight the latest Paris hotel deals. If they fit in with your plans, then great.

I will just finish this opening post by referring to the wide variety of hotel choice that is available in Paris. I could talk about hotel ratings from 5 star to 1 star, and all of that. However, I think it says it all if I say that there are some very good hotels in Paris, and then there are many not so good ones. The good ones will impress - the poor ones may depress. You need to be discerning, and so avoid spending a week of your holidays in some God forsaken hovel that poses as an excuse for an hotel.

Our criteria is to feature only hotels of proven quality, and that is the best assurance we can give to anyone visiting here. Good standards, good facilities and some exceptional offers that come to us direct from the hotels.

So until the next post and some more new deals, I will leave it at that for now.

Wow. It's good to make a start.

A Bientot.

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