Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Christmas Markets in Paris ~ also Current Hotel Promotions

Very soon, it will be time for a visit up to La Defense to see the annual Christmas Market - one of many throughout the city. The backdrop may be high-rise buildings, but the chalet style stalls can more than conjure enough of the seasonal feeling to get you right away in the mood.

The smell of mulled wine wafts in subtle enticement through the air, and I never hold back. My cup of mulled wine is my essential starter and my comforting accompaniment as I browse through an enormously varied offering of breads, cakes, sausages, cheese, kebabs and burgers. That's only the food, and a short list at that. Gloves, handbags, scarves and sweaters, Christmas decorations and kiddies toys abound in profusion and you are certain to find something to catch your eye.

The crowds, the colourful lights, the general buzz makes the whole thing a joy. It is simply wonderful to make an outing of the whole event, bringing the family along in tow as the build-up to the Christmas itself. If it's cold, strangely you feel the warmth of the occasion even more.

I am writing about La Defense because that is where my inclination takes me for my first visit this year to a Christmas market, but there are other excellent ones including those at la Trocadero and the Champs-Élysées. Additionally, at la Trocadero you could break-a-leg and really enter into the excitement of things with a whizz around the ice rink. Think of it  -   your chance to envelop yourself in the sheer joy of Paris, and possibly also plaster of Paris. 

So much to think of and so much to see as you meander your way through the market with a vin chaud and a caramel apple. As a visitor something else you must think about ..... where are you going to stay if you are planning to visit the French capital at Christmas time?  To the rescue here with some money saving Paris hotels deals which should see you comfortably ensconced in an excellent hotel and at your ease to explore this beautiful city.  Also, here is another star offer that should interest you .......
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Wednesday, 7 November 2012

A Christmas Break in Paris ~ with Great City Centre Hotel Deals

I have already mentioned this in a recent post and I know it is only November, but quite a lot of people are already making plans for a Christmas break with the chance to experience the festive season in one of Europe's most popular city destinations.  Well then ...... does it surprise anyone that Paris is a top choice for travellers seeking a special getaway at Christmas.

It is after all the City of Lights .... and romance. Never more so, I think, than at Christmas time when the beautiful street lighting lends a magical air to the whole yuletide feel of the French capital.  That and the wonderful Christmas markets make it a unique time of the year.

But I must not go on:  it is still only November, after all.  Best if you can come and check it out for yourself, and you will see what I mean.  To tempt you, take a look at the most recent cheap Paris hotels offers now on promotion.  The feature offer is for hotels in Paris city centre.

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