Friday, 28 September 2012

Disney's Paris Fantasy ~ with new Deals for Disneyland Hotels

Visit Disneyland Resort Paris and you will soon find yourself peering through the windows of Victorian buildings, admiring the archaic displays, perhaps feeling a bit puzzled by some of the business signs and certainly marvelling at the vintage transport that make up the traffic. Well, you are in Main Street, USA and a look around at the wonderful recreation of small-town America will leave you spell-bound.

Really, you have only come in the door, so to speak, with all the adventures of Disneyland Paris awaiting you, and straight away you are greeted by this impressive vista. Disney always put in the effort and it shows even down to the fine details of the Victorian facades along Main Street.

It is so inviting - you feel that you have stepped back in time, and the entire setting does everything to convince you that you have, in fact, been transported from the mundane present to a past fantasy. In a way, it sort of says: you're here now .. go and enjoy.

Without doubt, in Disneyland Paris there is so much to enjoy that once again it is our present promotion from our current Paris hotels deals and it is just a perfect idea and a wonderful choice for families who want to have some great fun and some memorable excitement while in Paris.

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Sunday, 23 September 2012

Recent Deals for Orly Airport Hotels

Sacre Coeur is the famed basilica that has one of the most striking vanatge points in Paris  -   it is also surrounded by some of the most atmospheric streets that you can find in this romantic city.  Explore this for yourself with our new promotion featuring Montmarte hotels special offers that are ideally designed for those taking advantage of a short Paris vacation.

We also feature this month some quality discount hotels near Orly Airport. If you need to stay close to the airport, this is perfect ......

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Tuesday, 11 September 2012

The Louvre Museum ~ and New Hotel Offers

It remains one of Paris's top tourists attractions and the place to see some of the finest art that man has ever been inspired to create.  That said, The Louvre can be at times a minor ordeal with the crowds, the heat and the sheer scale of the vast collections that are on view.

Aside from that, it really is worth it as these treasures are world renowned and represent the antiquities of diverse civilisations including Greek, Egyptian, Oriental, Etruscan and Roman.  As you can appreciate you really do need to leave a reasonable time allowance to visit the museum  -  three hours might just get you by at a minimum.  If you are trying to cut costs, keep in mind that you can visit for free on the fist Sunday of the month.  Naturally, the convenience of this may not always fall your way, but it is good to be aware of savings if you have the chance to avail of it.  Also if you are intending to visit a number of museums, you might consider buying a Paris Museum Pass.  Not only will it save you money, it will also get you past the long lines waiting to gain entrance to the most popular sights and museums.

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Hotels near the Louvre Paris

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