Friday, 30 March 2012

Arc de Triomphe and Paris City Centre Hotels Offers

Most visitors to Paris will take the trouble to visit the famous Arc De Triomphe, originally commissioned by Napoleon but not fully completed until 1836. It is also quite good as a location to base your stay while in Paris, and so you may be interested in some of our current offers for discount hotels near the Arc de Triomphe.

Our feature promotion for the end of the month is for hotels in Paris city centre.

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Saturday, 24 March 2012

Find some genuine Paris charm in the beautiful Luxembourg Gardens

Fancy the notion of joining some of the seasoned regulars in the Luxembourg Garden for a game of boules or chess under the moderating shade of the chestnut trees? Even if that's a pass, it is nice to be just a quiet observer as you stroll though these endearing gardens.

It is extremely popular with Parisians. It has its own captivating atmosphere that is subtly calming, serene and mediative. In here, its a little world of its own, and it is just nice to share it for a little time.

If you have had the benefit of booking one of our Paris city centre hotels offers you will find yourself just a short stroll away from this charming attraction.

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Thursday, 15 March 2012

Disneyland Paris gets ready to celebrate its 20th Anniversary.

Disneyland Paris Resort celebrating its 20th anniversary with a spectacular new nighttime show at the enchanted Sleeping Beauty Castle. The Disney Dreams show brings all your favourite Disney characters to life.
 Something special is happening in Disneyland Paris. It's celebration time for Disneyland Paris Resort which marks its 20th anniversary from April with a newly styled evening parade and a spectacular nightime event centered on the Sleeping Beauty Castle.

Disney has brought the best talents of its technical and creative specialists together to create the 'wow' factor in its newly imagined Disney Dreams Show which uses the enchanting castle as a backdrop for displays of pyrotechnics, water screens, dancing fountains, laser lights and vivid, colourful projections - and fire .... lots of fire!

The water screens and the castle will serve as an enormous visual canvas for an interwoven depiction of famous scenes from the Disney story book, all enhanced by a vibrant new musical score.

Also a new nighttime parade, Disney Magic on Parade, will add more excitement and enjoyment for park visitors. The expectation and hope is that crowds will linger longer and prolong their visit to Disneyland Paris further into the evening. With this in mind, the park opening hours are being extended to allow everyone enough time to experience all the new creations that the people at Disney have conceived. It should prove a delight for all the family.

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Tuesday, 6 March 2012

The gentle delight of Paris Cafes

Now we're in March, the real chill is gone out of the weather, even if today it's a little cloudy and some light rain is falling. It's not really a bother. This time of the year we expect rain. When its wet, Parisians just get on with it and tourists will always find plenty of interesting indoor attractions to grab their intention and keep them out of the rain.

If your on the move around the city and the rain is falling heavy, it is actually a gentle delight to slip into some pleasant cafe for a dry interlude. Find a nice table and with a coffee and cake or your favourite snack, you can just sit back at your ease while outside you observe the rain pattering away on the pavement. It is strangely comforting.

Everyone in Paris has their list of favourite restaurants, but I like many will judge on atmosphere and price. And with price it is important to remember that the charge in a Paris cafe can vary on where you choose to sit - cheaper at the bar, a little dearer at a table, and dearer still outside at a terrace table. It will also often depend on the location of the cafe.

Perhaps it is a surprise that I talk of atmosphere and price first and not the food. It would seem that this would be the first consideration, and the deciding criterium. Indeed, that is the case. But the point is that good food is a given and the expected standard in French cafes. If the food wasn't good, a cafe wouldn't even make it on to my favourites list or anybody else who possessed a respect for a decent meal.

By and large the fare in many cafes is fairly standard, and you can't go wrong. Hop from one to another and the espresso, croissants and pains au chocolat will taste as good ... and probably much the same. The plats du jour and accompanying deserts are a real treat, and you can tease your way from cafe to cafe looking at the different variations until you find a dish that appeals to you at the moment. You can be confident that it will be nice, and likely good value as well.

But be warned. You will get just what you are asking for. And if you are looking for rip-off prices glammed-up in the guise of pretense, or passable food plausibly presenting itself as innovative cuisine, you will find it at its seductive, slut-style best promising to please, but ultimately certain to disappoint. With some experience you will spot it a mile off.

Alas, one can't stay cafe bound all day as attractive a proposition as that might sometimes be. No. Duty and responsibility calls in the shape of a text to remind me that I am to review a new promotion for some excellent hotels near the Champs Elysees. Which of course is no problem. After all, it isn't really work when you enjoy what you are doing.

The rain has stopped. It is dry outside. No more excuses. Speedily then to our current deal .........

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